Editing Android Contacts on Computer

Editing contacts on android PC

edit Android contacts on PC

I have many contacts on my PC which are not on my phone, and even more on my phone which are not on my PC. Plus, I have multiple duplications on my phone. I’m sure this has been asked many times before, but is there a reliable app to let me edit both sets of contacts on my PC and then export to my phone, overriding what is already there? I don’t mind paying for something if it is worth it.

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On a desktop, the easiest way probably would be to call up a Android management software to edit, de-duplicate and manage your contacts with the click of a button. Here I will introduce MobileGo, which means your mobile life simplied. It is your one-stop solution that makes managing and optimizing your Android devices media files, contacts, text messages, apps as simple as a breeze.
You can quickly detect, merge or delete duplicate contacts in one click. And even import/export contacts from/to Outlook and Live Mail. So if you’re going to switch devices, merge and delete duplicate contacts, backup and restore your Android mobile phone, MobileGo should be your must have program on your computer.


Getting started: Download, Install

You can go to MobileGo product page to download MobileGo on your computer. Or, just click the Download button below to get it.

Free TrialWindows VersionFree TrialMac Version

Then, double click the archive you just downloaded to install this Android management software on your computer. After luanching the program, you can sign up to get a Wondershare Passport to enjoy some member features.

Sign in passport

Connect Your Android Device

MobileGo enables you to connect your Android smartphone via a USB cable or WiFi.

1. USB Connection

Once your Android phone is get connected to the computer, it will be detected and displayed in the main window of the Android manager.

connect Android device

2. WiFi Connection

Step 1. To connect MobileGo to your PC over WiFi, you should make sure your Android device and computer be in the same network (Mac version not avialible).

Turn on WiFi network on your Android phone, download MobileGo APK file and launch it on your Android device. Download MobileGo App>>

Then tap OK to scan QR code on your desktop to get your Android phone connected.

connect via WiFi

Manage Android Contacts: Editing, Merging, Deleting, Importing/Exporting

After connecting, your Android mobile device will be shown quickly.

connect via WiFi

Wondershare MobileGo makes it extremely easy to import or export contacts, add and edit contacts, merge duplicate contacts and delete useless contacts in batches. In the following part, I’d like to show you the detailed tutorial.

merge duplicate contacts

Editing Android Contacts on Computer

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