Editing contacts on android PC

edit Android contacts on PC

I have many contacts on my PC which are not on my phone, and even more on my phone which are not on my PC. Plus, I have multiple duplications on my phone. I’m sure this has been asked many times before, but is there a reliable app to let me edit both sets of contacts on my PC and then export to my phone, overriding what is already there? I don’t mind paying for something if it is worth it.

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On a desktop, the easiest way probably would be to call up a Android management software to edit, de-duplicate and manage your contacts with the click of a button. Here I will introduce Android Transfer, which means your mobile life simplfied. It is your one-stop solution that makes managing and optimizing your Android devices media files, contacts, text messages, apps as simple as a breeze.
You can quickly detect, merge or delete duplicate contacts in one click. And even import/export contacts from/to Outlook and Live Mail. So if you’re going to switch devices, merge and delete duplicate contacts, backup and restore your Android mobile phone, Android Transfer should be your must have program on your computer.

Getting started: Download, Install

You can go to Android Transfer product page to download Android toolkit on your computer. Or, just click the Download button below to get it.

Then, double click the archive you just downloaded to install this Android management software on your computer. After luanching the program, you can get the main interface as following.

android contacts manager pc

Connect Your Android Device

Android Contacts Manager enables you to connect your Android smartphone via a USB.

Step 1. Enable USB Debug on your Android device. How to>>

Step 2. Allow USB debugging on your Android device.

connect Android device

Then there will be a pop-up message on your Android phone to let you allow USB debugging. Tap to check the Always allow this computer and then tap OK to allow your phone to trust the computer it is connected to. If the popup is not showed up, click Show Again button on dr.fone Android Transfer.

allow USB debugging on Android

Once your Android phone is get connected to the computer, it will be detected and displayed in the main window of the Android manager.

Android phone connected

1. Add, Edit and Delete Android Contacts

In the primary window, click Information, then click Contacts in the left sidebar to bring up the contact management panel.

  • Add Contacts: Click +to add a new contact to your Android phone, including the name, phone number, email, and more.
  • Edit contacts: Double click the contact you want to edit and edit the contact information.
  • Delete contacts: Check the box before the contacts you want to delete, and click Delete icon

add contacts to Android phone

2. Import/Export Contacts to/from Android Phone

With the help of this Android contacts manager, you’re able to import or export contacts to/from Android phone easily.

Import Android contacts: Click Import icon on the, select Import contacts from vCard file, from CSV file, from Windows Address Book, and from Outlook 2010/2013.2016.

import contacts to Android phone

Export Android contacts: Select contacts you want to export, then click on Export icon, and select Export selected contacts to computer as vCard or CSV file, or export all your Android contacts to Windows Address Book, or Outlook 2010/2013/2016.

export Android contacts

3. Remove duplicate contacts on Android

Have multiple duplicate contacts in your address book and account? Don’t worry. This Android contact manager can help you to merge all duplicates with just a click.

In the Contact management window, select the accounts and your phone memory where your contacts are saved, then click on Merge icon in the top bar. This brings up all duplicate contacts on your contacts. Click Next. Select a match type and click Merge selected.

delete duplicate contacts on Android phone

4. Create Contacts group in Andorid

You can create a new group and then drag your wanted contacts into the new group or the existing group.

organize Android contacts group

Amazing desktop Android contacts manager, isn’t it? If it just you need, download to have a try. If this guide helps, please share it with your friends.

Editing Android Contacts on Computer
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