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I have a Macbook and an iMac, generally I work on my Macbook, but sometimes I need that information on my iMac. How to sync my Macbook and iMac? My OS is Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

As using using Macbook Pro and iMac together, you certainly need a way to sync everything in two Macs. Sync your iMac with Macbook, keep Mac Pro with your MacBook Pro. Well, SyncMate can keep data in your Mac in sync with other Macs you use. Sync Address Book, iCal, Mail (OS X 10.7 or earlier) and Entourage notes and your To Do/Reminders among all your Macs. iTunes, iPhoto, Folders and Safari bookmarks sync options are also available.

Just download and install SyncMate Free edition and let it take care of your Address Book, iCal, other files and folders synchronization.

  • Keep contacts and calendars in sync among Macs for free;
  • Sync Mac iTunes and iPhoto with another Mac;
  • Transfer your music, images and videos from old Mac to the new one;
  • Syncing folders with files among your Macs;
  • Keep Safari bookmarks in sync between Macs;
  • Sync Entourage and Mail notes among your Macs;
  • Sync several Macs automatically;

Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.6 and higher

Then let’s begin syncing your Macbook Pro with iMac by using SyncMate:

Step 1: Download and install SyncMate Free edition

To synchronize address book, calendars, events, music, images and videos among your Macs, first of all, download and install the Mac synchronization software on your Mac.

Download SyncMate Free Editon at:

Step 2: Establish connection of your Macs

SyncMate lets you synchronize various types of data on your Mac (e.g. Address Book, iCal, Safari bookmarks, etc.) with other Macs via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Note: To successfully connect your Mac to another Mac, make sure that:

  • SyncMate is installed on all Macs you are going to sync with.
  • Remote Mac is online and "Incoming connections" plugin is enabled in SyncMate.
  • The remote side has real IP-address. That means it must be accessible from the Internet disregarding whether remote IP-address is static or dynamic.

Follow the instructions below to connect your Mac to another one:

  1. The first thing you should do is to configure your Mac’s incoming connections (the secondary Mac).
    "Incoming connections" plugin lets you customize incoming connections settings, so that other instances of SyncMate, installed on other Macs, will be able to sync with this Mac.
  2. Add the connection on Mac, on which you are going to initiate syncing (the main Mac). Click "Add connection" button in the upper right corner of SyncMate’s main screen, and "Device connection Wizard" will be invoked.
    Then choose "Another Mac" connection:
  3. connect mac with another one

  4. Choose a Mac to connect to from the drop-down list:
  5. connect Macs

    This Mac synchronization software could automatically locate on a local network and displays the list of other Macs you can connect to (Macs with SyncMate installed, which are online). So, you do not have to enter manually the name/IP address/DNS name of the remote Mac.

    Still, if you want to, you can choose "Add a Mac manually" option from the drop-down list and enter the required info manually:

    add a Mac

  6. If the remote Mac that you are trying to connect to requests password, enter this password into the corresponding text field.
  7. enter password

  8. Click "Continue" button. The Mac will appear in "Devices list" area.

Step 3: Choose Contacts, iCal, Bookmarks, Notes, iPhoto, iTunes & Video, Folders to be synced between your Macs

With free SyncMate you can sync your Contacts and Calendar entries among the Macs. If you want need to keep iTunes Videos, iPhoto, Safari Bookmarks and Notes in sync between your MacBook Pro with iMac desktop, you can upgrade to the paide "Expert" version.

content to be synced

Step 4: Choose sync direction

You can sync data among your Macs in three directions:

  1. Mac to another Mac (first Mac’s data will be added to the existing entries on another Mac)
  2. Another Mac to Mac (another Mac’s data will be added to the existing first Mac’s entries)
  3. Bi-directional – data will be mutually updated on both Macs

Mac to Mac sync direction

Step 5. Just Sync your Macs

We’re almost there! 🙂 Now just click "Sync now" button at the top right of the window of SyncMate.

sync Macs

The sync indicator will appear, and all you need to do is just waiting for your data to become up-to-data on both of your Macs.


Have you tried SyncMate to sync your Mac contents like contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, media files and folders with Mac and other devices? As we have tried the BlackBerry sync, Windows Phone sync and Windows PC sync by using of SyncMate before, you can try its other functions. Anyway, SyncMate is a free and useful solution for data syncing between Mac and devices. Try it Now!

Keep two Macs in Sync: How to Sync Macbook with iMac

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