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MobileGo is a super mobile toolbox, which enables you to manage your iOS/Android device in one convenient place.

  • For Android users, backup and restore your Android device, install apps, transfer music, video, photos, contacts, SMS and document files to and from computer, send SMS from computer, and more.
  • For iOS users, backup and restore your iOS device in one click; clean up your iDevice and save valuable space; import music, video; download music in one click; manage photos, contacts, SMS, and more.

System Requirements: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista; Mac OS X v10.7 – 10.13 macOS Sierra

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Mobile Media Files Manager

Music, Photos and Video on the Go
Push music, photo, and video easily to/from your Android devices.
Convert Video and Audio
Convert video and music for Android, extract audio from video for ringtones.
Import, Export Playlists
Import iTunes playlists to Android, export Android music directly to iTunes.

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Manage Your Entire Mobile Lifestyle

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Media Management

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Essential ToolKit

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Advanced Functions

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Mirror Your Android

Mange Your Mobile Essentials

MobileGo’s Essential Toolkit makes optimizing & managing your mobile devices essentials a breeze. De-duplicate contacts, switch devices(Tips for safely switching devices), manage your growing app collection, backup & restore and even send messages from your desktop. It’s all possible with MobileGo!

Desktop SMS manager

Read, group and send text messages from your computer.

Phone Transfer

Transfer data between devices running Android, iOS, Nokia./p>

Backup & Restore

Backup your data and restore if anything happens to your data.

Capture screenshot

Capture a live image of your Android phone or tablet*.

Manage Apps

It’s easy to download, manage and remove apps from your Android device.

Manage contacts

Quickly detect, merge or delete duplicate contacts with the click of a button.

Desktop SMS Manager(for Android Only)

Need to chat with contacts from your Android phone right on your computer? Now MobileGo can be your desktop SMS assistant, helping to manage all SMS on your Android smartphone from computer. With it, you can read conversation threads, select multiple contacts, send and receive SMS from computer, and mark unread SMS as read.

Note:**Read only for iOS

Transfer Files Between Mobile Device

With MobileGo one- click Phone Transfer you can now transfer to and from any device regardless of make, model or carrier.

transfer files from phone to phone

Backup and Restore

MobileGo gives you the power to backup important data from your iOS/Android device to computer in one click. Whenever you suffer data loss or get a new Android smartphone, you can effortlessly restore the backup files and get the data back.

You can backup and restore these contents: app data, contacts, SMS, calendars, call logs, music, video and photos.

Android backup and restore
manage apps

Manage Android Apps

With the built-in app manager, it is extremely easy to download, install and remove apps from your Android device. You can access the Google Play Store directly right inside the MobileGo window to browse and get your favorite apps. What’s more, you can move apps to SD card and share apps with your friends.

Manage iOS/Android Contacts

MobileGo makes it extremely easy to import or export contacts, add and edit contacts, merge duplicate contacts and delete useless contacts in batches. Now emails phone numbers and more can be stored under one entry.

manage mobile contacts

Capture Screenshot

Android backup and restore

Capture a live image of your Android phone or tablet*. This is useful for referencing later or simply emailing from visual communication.

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What our user says

The MobileGo is it rich of features and at same time do many complex task with easy way.(more 3 days left to use, trial) When to go on sale promotion I’ll buy it(it’s a little expensive right now in Brazil due our economy), at i did with Filmora and AllMyTube(lifetime).

by Thiago Moraes e Silva

I found this easy to use. Once I had a pro do it for a while, after he quit I found with his files using this i could get it done.

by Ben Mickleson

This is a great piece of software,the only problem is it doesnt support ios 10 at the minute and this is why im giving it 4 stars

by martin

Advanced Functions

MobileGo gives empowers you with advanced features that helps you to root your Android device with 1 click, recover lost or deleted data, transfer data from one phone to another, erase uesless data to save up space on your mobile phone.

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Root Android Phone

MobileGo enables you to root your Android device in just 1 click. It’s 100% safe and secured.

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Phone Transfer

Transfer data from one device to another, restore from backups by iTunes, Kies, BB Desktop Suite.

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Data Recovery

Recover lost contacts, SMS, photos, music, videos, documents, chat history from your Android device.

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Data Eraser

MobileGo lets you permamently wipe your iOS and Android device with all existing data and deleted data on it.

Mirror your Android device to your computer

mirror android to pc

Use Android apps on PC

Android Mirror helps you to run apps on your PC, instead of your Android device, with no restrictions.

Sending SMS from PC

Send and receive messages using your computer’s keyboard including SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and more.

Play Android Games on PC

Android Mirror lets you play your favorite mobile games, on your computer, using your computer keyboard.

Display multiple notifications

Receive notifications, while gaming or in a meeting. Your notifications appear right on your computer screen.

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