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I’m looking for a program to synchronize folders on two different computers (very different – one is a PC and one is a Macbook). Any suggestions?
A Dell + MacBook owner

Being the owner of a Mac and a Windows PC, you may need your important data to be in sync among them. Then SyncMate is right your free solution for syncing your Contacts, Calendars, images, Videos, To Do/Reminders, Mail (OS X 10.7 or earlier) and Entourage notes, Stickies and even folders between Mac and Windows PCs. Then in this article we are going to look at the use of SyncMate to sync data between Mac and Windows.

  • Sync your Mac Contacts & Calendars with Windows PC for free;
  • Syncing media files including music, images, videos between Mac and PC;
  • Keep folders with files and documents well-organized and synced between your Mac and Windows PC;
  • Sync Safari bookmarks with any Windows PC browser – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari for PC.
  • Syncing your Mac with PC automatically by customizing sync settings;
  • Sync more items such as Notes, To Do/Reminders and Stickies between your Mac and Windows computer.

Compatible with Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 running MS Outlook: 2003, 2007, 2010; requires Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later

The files that could be synced between Mac and Windows PC:

SyncMate lets you synchronize various types of data on your Mac (Contacts, iCal Calendars and Events, To Dos/Reminders, Safari Bookmarks, Entourage notes, Main notes, Stickies, folders, etc.) with Windows PC.

sync files between Mac with PC

How to sync your Mac with Windows PC?

Step 1: Have SyncMate installed on Mac side and Windows side

Firstly, download and install free SyncMate for Mac.

And you will need free SyncMate module for Windows OS to make the Mac and PC synchronization possible.

Make sure that your Mac and Windows PC are connected to the same network (via Ethernet or Wi-Fi).

Step 2: Establish connection between Mac and Windows PC

  1. After downloading the Windows-side SyncMate client, double click SyncMate.exe to install and luanch it on your PC.
  2. SyncMate Windows

  3. To proceed the installation, you need to give the app permission to go through your Windows Firewall. Check the "Private Networks" to allow the installation.
  4. SyncMate install

  5. Then SyncMate is ready to connect. By default all incoming connections are allowed. If you want to connect your PC with a certain Mac, please use IP list to manage access.
  6. connect PC and Mac

  7. Select port to connect to. Optionally you can set a password.
  8. Note: Please take notes of the used Port, Password, and IP address from this settings window. You’ll need the data later.

  9. Then turn to the Mac side
    Now at your Mac click "Windows PC" and click "Continue".
  10. add connection

  11. Enter all the data that you got from the previous SyncMate Windows client: the IP address, the Port, and the password. Then click "Continue".
  12. connect windows and Mac

  13. Then you to change the image and name of the connection. Click "Finish" after you’ve done.
  14. finish connection of PC and Mac

  15. The newly created connection of Windows PC will appear in "Devices list" area SyncMate on Mac. Now you can configure some connection settings for the remote Windows PC and start the synchronization.
  16. Windows PC device

    OK! Now you have established successful connection of Windows PC and Mac.

Step 3: Select contacts, calendars and events to sync between Mac and PC

Here you can see all the available plugins at the side of the main windows of the app. Please note that the free SyncMate version only has two plugins available: Contacts and iCal. That’s enough for syncing your Mac contacts, calendars and events with Windows PC. If you need to transfer other files like To Dos, bookmarks, notes, music, videos, photos, folders and more from Mac to PC, you can upgrade to the paide "Expert" version.

free plugins

Step 4: Windows PC and Mac Synchroniseren Settings

When you select one of the plugins, the settings will be available on the main pane of the window. The "Contacts" settings allows you to choose the direction of the sync and what groups of contacts to sync.

sync Mac contacts with Windows PC

The iCal sync settings also allow you to choose the sync direction and calendar to sync, and you can also determine the time span of the events to be synced.

sync mac iCal with PC

set time span

Step 5. Just Sync Mac with your Windows Phone

We’re almost there! 🙂 Now just click "Sync now" button at the top right of the window of SyncMate.

click to sync

The sync indicator will appear, and all you need to do is just waiting for your data to be synced and then appear on both Windows and Mac computer.

syncing now


Have you tried SyncMate to sync your Mac contents like contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, media files and folders with Mac and other devices? As we have tried the BlackBerry sync and Windows Phone sync by using of SyncMate before, you can try its other functions. Anyway, SyncMate is a free and useful solution for data syncing between Mac and devices. Try it Now!

Sync Mac Contacts, Calendars, Music, images, Videos, Folders with Windows PC

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