Sync Mac with BlackBerry

BlackBerry sync Mac

If you have a Mac and BlackBerry and want to sync contacts, calendar, media files between Mac and BlackBerry, SyncMate is the ideal tool for you! Moreover, it is FREE! Just connect BlackBerry to your Mac via USB and go on syncing.

  • Keep Mac Address Book and Blackberry contacts in perfect sync;
  • Sync iCal on Mac with BlackBerry Calendar for free;
  • Easily sync any images, videos, and music between BlackBerry and Mac;
  • Reading SMS messages on Mac with SMS Reader plugin;
  • Sync folders with files between your Mac and BlackBerry;
  • More options for your BlackBerry Sync Mac: notes, tasks, Stickies, etc.

Compatible with BlackBerry OS 6 and 7; requires OS X 10.8.5 or later

Which types of data can be synced between BlackBerry and Mac?

SyncMate allows syncing with BlackBerry devices running OS 6 and 7. You can sync contacts, calendars, media files (images/videos/music), folders, Entourage/Mail notes (OS X 10.7 or earlier), To Dos/Reminders, and Stickies on Mac with BlackBerry devices via USB cable. Possibility to read SMS messages directly on your Mac is also available.

BlackBerry Mac sync

  • Contacts
  • iCal
  • Pictures, Videos & Music
  • Folders
  • Entourage notes
  • Mail notes
  • To Dos/Reminders
  • Stickies
  • SMS reader
  • Calls history
  • AutoSync

How to sync BlackBerry with Mac?

Step 1: Download BlackBerry Mac Sync tool and install

Click to Download and install SyncMate Free edition, and install it on your Mac.

* If you’re not sure whether your device is supported? Check for Supported Devices!

Step 2: Connect your BlackBerry with Mac via USB

After launnching the free BlackBerry contacts calendar Mac sync tool, connect your BlackBerry Blod/Curve/Pearl/Torch with Mac via USB. Just follow the simple procedure to establish connection.

Note: To successfully connect BlackBerry device with SyncMate on your Mac and acomplish syncing, you should make sure that BlackBerry Desktop Software is uninstalled from your Mac (use BlackBerry Desktop Software Uninstaller for this purpose).

To establish connection with BlackBerry device, follow these instructions:

  1. Click "Add Connection" button that located in the upper right corner of SyncMate main screen. Then "Device connection Wizard" will be invoked.
  2. Select "BlackBerry device" connection:
  3. connect BlackBerry with Mac

  4. Connect BlackBerry device to your Mac via USB cable (choose USB drive mode).
  5. BlackBerry files sync for Mac

  6. After that, the device will automatically appear in "Devices list" area. Then continue to choose sync options.

Step 3: Choose Mac Adress book, iCal calendar, Media files to sync with BlackBerry

While SyncMate Free edition allows syncing contacts, calendars and reading SMS messages on Mac, Expert edition offers additional sync options. SyncMate Expert will sync music, images, videos, folders with different files in them, Entourage notes, Mail notes (OS X 10.7 or earlier), To Do/Reminders on your Mac with BlackBerry device. Just choose the plugins to sync.

sync BlackBerry contacts with Mac

Step 4: Choose sync direction

Here three sync directions are supported by this BlackBerry Mac syncing tool:

  1. Mac to device (Mac data will be added to the existing entries on your BlackBerry phone)
  2. Device to Mac (device’s data will be added to the existing Mac entries)
  3. Bi-directional – data will be mutually updated on both sides.

Contacts, calendars, folders, notes (OS X 10.7 or earlier), To Do/Reminders, and Stickies can be synced in three directions; music, images, and video – in two – from Mac to BlackBerry and from BlackBerry to Mac.

blackberry mac sync direction

Step 5. Just begin syncing BlackBerry with your Mac

We’re almost there! 🙂 Now just click "Sync now" button to start.

You can sync your Mac with even more devices!

SyncMate can also sync your Mac with Windows Mobile, BlackBerry devices or Nokia S40 phones, other Macs and Windows PCs, Sony PSP, any mounted storage devices, MTP devices, Dropbox and Google accounts, iCloud, Yahoo!, iPhones, iPads, iPods Touch or Nano. Make all your devices work in sync!

Sync Mac with BlackBerry

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