Sync Mac with Windows Phone

Sync Mac with Windows Phone

If you have a Mac and Windows Phone and want to sync them – SyncMate is right for you! It will sync your Windows phone and Mac computer in a few clicks. So no matter which kind of sync tool you’re looking for, HTC sync, LG sync, Samsung sync? Doesn’t matter which device you own, if it is runs Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1, or 6.5, SyncMate will sync it! Just connect your Windows device to a Mac and you are ready to sync!

  • Sync Mac Contacts & Calendars with Windows Mobile for free;
  • Sync any media files between Mac and Windows phone: Music, pictures, videos;
  • Manage Windows phone SMS from Mac: View, create, send, delete and export;
  • Mount Windows phone on Mac and browse all contents!
  • HTC sync, LG sync, Samsung sync? Only if it runs on Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1, or 6.5;
  • More sync options for your Windows Mobile.

Compatible with Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5; requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher

What contents could be synced between Mac and Windows Phone?

SyncMate will sync Mac contacts and calendar entries with your Windows Mobile for absolutely FREE! As well as show SMS messages and your phone info on a Mac’s big screen. For Expert edition, it can sync even more including syncing music, images, videos, mail, notes, bookmarks, folders, etc., along with managing Windows phone SMS messages directly from your Mac!
sync mac to Windows Mobile

  • Contacts
  • iCal
  • Time (Expert)
  • To Do/Reminders (Expert)
  • Entourage notes (Expert)
  • Safari bookmarks (Expert)
  • Firefox bookmarks (Expert)
  • Autosync (Expert)
  • Mail notes (Expert)
  • Folders (Expert)
  • Pictures, Videos & Music (Expert)
  • Stickies (Expert)
  • Device info
  • Application list (Expert)
  • SMS reader
  • SMS manager (Expert)
  • Calls history (Expert)
  • Mount disk (Expert)
  • Calls history (Expert)
  • AutoSync

How to sync Mac with Windows Mobile?

Step 1: Download Windows Phone Sync tool and install

Download and install SyncMate Free edition on your Mac.

* If you’re not sure whether your device is supported? Check for Supported Devices!

Step 2: Connect Windows Mobile phone to your Mac

After launnching SyncMate, choose your preferable way of Mac and Windows Phone connection. SyncMate allows you to synchronize various types of data on your Mac with Windows Mobile devices via USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
Depending on type of connection you have chosen, follow the simple procedure to establish connection between Mac and Windows Mobile device.

Note: The first connection should be established via USB in order to install SyncMate driver on the mobile device. SyncMate driver will be installed automatically.

  1. Click "Add Connection" button that located in the upper right corner of SyncMate main screen. Then "Device connection Wizard" will be invoked.
  2. Select "Windows Mobile" connection:
  3. connect Windows Mobile to Mac

  4. Set USB connection and plug in your Windows phone to USB port and click "Continue".
  5. plug Windows Moible phone via USB
    SyncMate module will be installed automatically on the device. If connection doesn’t start after a while, please, refer to our Knowledge Base for a possible solution.

  6. If the connection succeeds, you will see your Mobile device in "Devices list" area.

Step 3: Choose Mac contacts, calendar, music, images, notes, bookmarks, etc. to sync

With free SyncMate you can sync Contats and Calendar in your Windows Mobile device and Mac, read Win Mobile messages on your Mad (SMS Reader plugin) and detailed info about connected device.

To sync To Do/Reminders, Safari and Firefox bookmarks, Mail notes (OS X 10.7 or earlier ) and Entourage notes, media files, Stickies, Mail, Folders and more, you need to upgrade to SyncMate Expert Edition. The Expert edition is a good Windows Mobile SMS Manager that can create, delete, send and search through SMS messages right from your Mac, as well as export text messages to TXT, CSV and HTML formats, and sync device with your Mac automatically.

With Expert Edition you can create, delete, send and search through SMS messages right from your computer with SMS Manager plugin (messages export to TXT, CSV and HTML formats is available) and sync Mac with Windows Mobile device automatically.
Mac contacts and iCal Calendar entries between your Mac and Windows Mobile device. Please, choose one of these plugins or both of them by checking their boxes.
sync with Windows Mobile

Step 4: Choose sync direction

Three sync directions are allowed by this Windows Mobile sync tool:

  1. Mac to device (Mac data will be added to the existing entries on your Windows Mobile device)
  2. Device to Mac (device’s data will be added to the existing Mac entries)
  3. Bi-directional – data will be mutually updated on both sides.

iTunes & Video and iPhoto can be synced in two directions only (device to Mac and Mac to device).

Mail can be synchronized in one direction only – Mac to Windows Mobile device.
sync direction

Step 5. Just Sync Mac with your Windows Phone

We’re almost there! 🙂 Now just click "Sync now" button and your data will be sync between Mac and your Windows Mobile device.

You can sync your Mac with even more devices!

SyncMate can also sync your Mac with Windows Mobile, BlackBerry devices or Nokia S40 phones, other Macs and Windows PCs, Sony PSP, any mounted storage devices, MTP devices, Dropbox and Google accounts, iCloud, Yahoo!, iPhones, iPads, iPods Touch or Nano. Make all your devices work in sync!

Sync Mac with Windows Phone

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