How can I transfer contacts from Lumia 610 to Android phone?

transfer lumia contacts to Samsung

Hi all,
I having a big problem of transferring my all contact details to Android phone. I’m using Nokia Lumia 610 and wanted to transfer my all contacts to Samsung S6. Why this has become a tedious task? Windows phone supports to get contacts from other phones. But not for vice versa. I can’t send one by one which is not easy since I have lot of contacts to transfer.

Are there any practical way to transfer all my contacts at once to Samsung Galaxy S6?
Thank you!

Had a Windows Phone like Nokia Lumia 820 and switched to a new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone? I think you’re trying to figure how to transfer contacts from Lumia to Android Galaxy S6. Not only contacts, we want all the data (contacts, photos, videos, songs) from Windows Lumia to our new Samsung Galaxy S6. Then in this post we’ll discuss this topic and show you two solutions to complete the contacts transition.

  1. Transfer contacts, photos, videos and music from Windows Phone to Android with MobileTrans Phone Transfer.
  2. Transfer contacts from Windows phone to Android via Microsoft Account and Google Account.

Solution 1: Transfer contacts from WinPhone Lumia to Android Samsung Galaxy S6 with Phone Transfer

MobileTrans is a professional phone content transfer program released by Wondershare. For switch from WinPhone to Android, it can transfer contacts, photos, music and videos between Windows Phone (like Lumia 830 for example) and Android (Samsung Galaxy S6 for example), with just a click. It can perfectly transfer contacts, not just names and numbers, but job title, email address, company name, and more.

To get started with this phone transfer software is very easy. Download MobileTrans from the above download link. Then complete the installation process, you should see the following primary Window like this.

WinPhone easy transfer

Currently this phone transfer program supports directly transfer photos, videos, and music files between Windows Phone and iOS/Android phone. To transfer contacts from Nokia Lumia to Galaxy S6, you need to backup the contacts to OneDrive first, and then restore the contacts from OneDrive to your Samsung Galaxy S6 with this MobileTrans phone transfer.

Step 1. Connect both Nokia Lumia and Galaxy S6 to computer

Connect your Lumia Windows phone and Android Samsung phone to the computer with USB cables. The program will automatically detect your devices and show them respectively on the "Source" and "Destination" places. You can switch the source and destinations phones by clicking on the "Flip" button in the middle of the program.

Enable USB debugging on both phones. From the 4 main functions, choose and click on Phone to Phone Transfer.

connect devices

Step 2. Sync Windows phone contacts with OneDrive

When your phones get connected, you will see the window as below. Choose "Have backed up already" at the bottom if you have synced your WinPhone with cloud. Otherwise, just go to "How to back up?" to get the detailed steps on how to backup contacts from Windows phone to OneDrive.

Step 3. Sign in your OneDrive account

Click Sign in button, and enter your Microsoft account and passowrd to login your OneDrive account.

A note will prompt you to authorize permission to OneDrive. Click Yes button to allow phone transfer to analyze OneDrive information.

sign in OneDrive

Step 4. Transfer contacts from WinPhone Nokia Lumia to Galaxy S6 Android phone

Analyzed successfully! Now you can check the box before Contacts item, then tap the button "Start Transfer" to begin the transition process. This will enable the program to copy and transfer the phone book to the destination Android phone.

transfer Windows phone contacts to android

For transferring photos, videos and music files from Nokia Lumia to Samsung Galaxy S6, the process is more easier. You can just connect both of the WinPhone and Android phone > launch MobileTrans > Select items you want to transfer > click Start Transfer.

transfer Lumia photos to S6

PS: MobileTrans is easy, professional and 100% safe to use. It is a shareware and the as you can probably guess, the trial version does have limitations. For the transfer feature, you can only transfer 5 contacts. But don’t too worry about the money, the full version is affordable only charge you $19.99 USD/One-Year license.

Solution 2: Set up your account and then sync Nokia Lumia contacts with Samsung Galaxy S6

If you want a total FREE way to migrate all contacts from your Windows Phone to Android phone. You can sync your Windows phone contacts with Android via your Microsoft Account and Google Account.

Summary: Sync contacts from Windows phone to Microsoft account > Export contacts from Microsoft account to computer > Import contacts from computer to Gmail account > Sync Gmail contacts to Android

Note: When you are syncing your Windows phone with your Windows Live (or Hotmail) account, then you also sync all your contacts from your phone to that account and vice versa. So if you open your Windows Live Mail (Hotmail) from any computer or mobile device and navigate to your contacts page, you can find all your Windows Phone contacts also stored online on the Windows Live mail (Hotmail).

First, Export Windows Live (Hotmail) contacts.

  1. From your Nokia Lumia, sign-in your Windows Live ID (Hotmail) account and sync your Windows phone with Hotmail.
  2. Sign in your Microsoft account on your PC, then press the dropdown next to Outlook and select People.
  3. transfer lumia contacts to Android

  4. Select "Manage" and choose "Export".
  5. export WinPhone contacts to PC

  6. Now press "Save" to store the exported contacts file "WLMContacts.csv" on your computer.
  7. Now it’s time to transfer your Windows Live (Hotmail) contacts to your Google Account. Do as the steps:

Then, Import Windows contacts to your Google Account

  1. Sign-in to your Gmail account using a desktop computer.
  2. In the main Gmail window, press the drop-down arrow next to "Gmail" and choose "Contacts".
  3. sync WinPhone contacts with Gmail

  4. In Contacts page, press "More" menu and select "Import".
  5. import Windows contacts to Gmail

    Press the "Choose File" button. Navigate to the location where you saved the Windows Live Contacts file (WLMContacts.csv) in the previous step and "Open" it.

  6. Finally, press the "Import" button and wait until the import process is completed.
  7. And finally to your phone.

Last, Sync Google Contacts to your Android phone.

  1. On the Android phone, go to "Settings" > "Accounts and Sync".
  2. Under "Manage Accounts", select (or "Add") the Google account you used to import WLM contacts.
  3. Finally press "Sync Contacts".

You’re done!

Transfer Contacts from Nokia Lumia to Android?

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