Any way to transfer data to Samsung Galaxy S5?

Hi, I’m looking to transfer my contacts, SMS and other important data from my old iPhone 5 to my new Samsung galaxy S5? How can I migrate data to my galaxy S5 phone?

transfer data to Galaxy S5

Currently have an HTC One and already reordered the S5. What’s the best way to transfer pics/videos and app data to the S5 when I get it? The apps I’m not too concerned about as I can simply re-download them, however I have like 500 pictures that I’d like transferred over.

Are you switching to Samsung Galaxy S5 from iPhone or HTC or any other mobile phone? The first thing you need to do is to transfer over all your contacts, messages, music and photos over when you get the new Galaxy S5. Maybe you have been told to export contacts from iCloud and import to Google contacts, then sync Google contacts with your phone. As to iTunes music, photos and videos on your old iPhone, there’s definitely much work we have to do. Is there a less time consuming way to directly transfer all the data to Galaxy S5?

Phone Switch is such a program that could transfer contacts, text messages, photos, music and videos from iPhone, HTC or any other phone to your new Samsung Galaxy S5 with just one click. No matter you’re switching from iPhone to Android Samsung, upgrading HTC to Galaxy S5, with MobileTrans, you only need to connect both of your phones to the computer, select files and transfer. Is that simple enough?

Download the free trial and begin transferring your phone data to Samsung Galaxy S5.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone/Android Phone to Samsung Galaxy S5?

Step 1. Fire up Samsung Galaxy S5 data transfer

When you have the program downloaded, install and run it on your computer. The phone data transfer software provides you with several function moduels: Recover, Transfer, Switch Repair, Erase, Bakcup & Restore, Unlock, Root.

Select Switch to transfer data from one phone to another, no matter you’re switching to iOS or Android.

launch iPhone data transfer

Step 2. Connect iPhone and Samsung Galaxy to the computer

You need to connect both of your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S5 (or any Android, Symbian Nokia or iOS phone) to your computer by using USB cables. The program will quickly detect them and show your phones in its window.

connect iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S5

Step 3. Transfer contacts, SMS, photos, music and videos over to Samsung Galaxy S5

Now, compatible data can be transferred on your source iPhone or Nokia or Android phone are listed in the middle, such as contacts, messages, photos, music and videos. Just choose files you want and click Start Copy. Then the selected files will be fully copied to your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Note: If you’re switching from an Android phone to Galaxy S5, aparting from above data, you can also migrate call logs, and apps to the new phone.

transfer data to Samsung Galaxy S5

Transfer Data to Samsung Galaxy S5
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