How can I transfer songs from my iTunes to my Nexus 7?

Sync iTunes music with Nexus

iPhone 5 user. Just got my Nexus 7 a little while ago from ups, I was wondering is there an easy way to move the songs over from iTunes to my Nexus 7, and I want and still be able to access my iTunes library for my iPods etc. I do have some DRM Protected content and I also need an easy to to remove that.

Google Ne Nexus 7 is the fist tablet of Google Nexus series. The Nexus 7’s razor-sharp full-HD screen, silky smooth performance, long battery life, meager weight, and affordable price make it the best tablet value on the market. And being the iPhone user, you may want to share music and videos from iTunes to Nexus 7. To transfer music and videos to Nexus 7, I will introduce you a iTunes companion software for Android and iOS – MobileGo, which enables you to import your iTunes music playlist to Android devices or export music to iTunes library with simple operation.

As the bridge between Android and iTunes, MobileGo makes music transfer between iTunes and Android device simple enough like a breeze. It is a perfect mobile tool for those who have a huge music collection in iTunes but need to share with Android smartphone or tablet. It can help with pushing music, photo and video easily to your phone, transferring music from iTunes to your Android phone and tablet, or export from your Android to iTunes.

To start with moving music from iTunes to Google Nexus, download MobileGo and follow the steps below.

Easy way to transfer music from iTunes to Nexus 7

Step 1. Install and launch iTunes music to Android Transfer

Once you have installed MobileGo on your computer, double click the icon to open it. A home window will appear as below.

iTunes music transfer

Step 2. Connect your Google Nexus 7 tablet with PC

Now connect your Android phone to your PC. One end of cable is to be connected to USB port of PC and the other end to the Android device. The device will appear under the “Device” option on left side menu of MobileGo home page.

Plug in the USB cable to connect your Android Google Nexus phone. Once the android device is connected, the program will automatically detect it and show the main info on the main window.

connect Nexus 7 with pc

Step 3. Transfer Music from iTunes to Nexus 7

1. Click on "Super Toolkit" tab.

2. Go to Media Management section, and click on “Import iTunes Playlists” option. This will bring up a window that shows you all playlists in your iTunes library.

import iTunes playlists

3. Check the playlists you want to transfer to your Nexus phone, and click OK to start transfer.

4. The software will begin to copy music from iTunes to Nexus 7. Just keep your device connected during the whole process.

When the process completes, the songs you selected will be transferred to your Android device. You can enjoy your iTunes music on Android anytime and anywhere.

And, You can Also Export Android Playlists to iTunes

1. Click Super Toolkit tab.

2. Go to Media Management section, and choose Export Music to iTunes.

3. A dialog pops up. Click Yes.

4. All songs on your Android device will be exported to iTunes. When it’s completed, you can feel free open iTunes to enjoy the music.

Note: Make sure that your Android device will not be disconnected in the whole process.

transfer music from Android to iTunes

Additionally, Download online music to Nexus 7

Apart from copying music from iTunes/Computer to your Nexus 7, you can directly download online music to your Google Nexus 7 with this music management program.

1. Go to left column, and click the built-in MP3 Download or any music website added. Search and download your favorite songs in the search box. Or just paste the URL of your selected YouTube music and download it.

2. Click Download button to start downloading online music. The songs you just download are right there.

3. After downloaded, the songs will be automatically transferred to your Android device.

download music to Nexus 7

Find this Android manager tool is useful and want to get the registrted version? Purchase online to get the full function.

Transfer Music from iTunes to Nexus 7

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