Best way to transfer iTunes library to another computer?

transfer my iTunes Library to another computer

I have a Dell computer and I want to transfer my iTunes library and all My purchases to another computer under the same account? How do I do that and step by step please?

You are planning to switch your old computer to a new one, or from PC to Mac, then you need to transfer your entire iTunes library to a new computer. But with pretty large size of iTunes library, the iTunes content transfer may become complicated. There are several ways you can choose from to transfer iTunes or back it up.

Use an iPod Copy software to transfer your iTunes library:

Assuming your entire iTunes library fits on your iPod, you can use an iPod to computer transfer software to copy your iTunes Library to a new computer. Here you can use TunesGo iOS Manager, which enables you one-click "Copy iDevice to iTunes" to transfer all the content on your iPod/iPhone/iPad to iTunes library & PC.

For transfer your iTunes library to another computer based on Windows, you can use a iOS Data Transfer which can transfer your whold iTunes library including Music, Playlist, Videos, Podcasts, iTunes U, TV Shows, Audiobooks and more between iPhone/iPad/iPod, iTunes and computer without seamlessly.

OK! You can download the free trial version of this program to transfer your iTunes library.

As long as you install and luanch iOS Transfer on your PC or Mac, click “Transfer” function from the modules.

iOS Transfer main

Step 1. Connect your iPod and open the program window

Now you should connect your iPod, iPhone, or iPad to computer via the USB cable. There will be your device information on the main interface.

connect iPhone device

Step 2. Transfer iTunes media files to your iPod iPhone device

To transfer iTunes library to another computer, you should firstly sync them with your iPod device. Click "Transfer iTunes Media to Device" in the primary window.

This function will open a new window with a complete listing of your iTunes library, such as music, video, Podcast, audiobooks, artworks, etc. Here, you can choose the kind of data you wish to move. If you want, you can select the entire library as well.

scan iTunes media files

Just click on the “Transfer” button to start transferring them. This will helps you transfer music, videos, Podcasts, audiobooks and more from iTunes to your iPhone, iPad or iPad device.

Step 3. Connect iPod/iPhone to another computer

Now you have all your iTunes media files on your iPhone/iPod touch. Connect it with your new computer by using a digital cable and launch the iOS taransfer program. Mind you should have this software installed on the new computer previously. The program will automatically detect your external device and show it on the main window. This is exactly the same as the first step.

connect iPhone device

Step 4. Transfer iTunes library to the new computer

To have your whold iTunes library on the new computer, you just need to sync your device media to iTunes on this computer. Now select and click on “Transfer Device Media to iTunes” function on the main window.

This function will automatically detect the differences between files on your device and iTunes and only copies what’s missing in iTunes, including music, video, Podcast, audiobooks, playlists, artworks, etc. Then click “Start” to scan the different media files.

scan iTunes media files

Tap on the checkbox before the file types you would like to transfer to iTunes library, and click Transfer to start transferring them. This will helps you transfer music, videos, Podcasts, audiobooks and more from iTunes to your iPhone, iPad or iPad device.

transfer iTunes to iPod iPhone

Within a few minutes, the media files on iPod, iPad or iPhone device will be transferred to iTunes library successfully. By doing this, you can also rebuild your crashed iTunes library.

Solution 2: Use an external hard drive to backup iTunes Library and restore it to the new computer

If you have an external hard drive with enough space to store your iTunes library. You can choose this method.

  1. Begin by backing up your iTunes library onto the external hard drive.
  2. Disconnect the external hard drive from the first computer.
  3. Connect the external hard drive to the new computer you want to transfer the iTunes library to.
  4. Restore the iTunes backup from the external drive to the new computer.

iOS Data Transfer

iPod to iTunes Transfer

  • Transfer contacts, SMS, photos, music, video, and more on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Manage your data by exporting, adding, deleting, etc.
  • No iTunes needed for transferring between iPhone, iPad and computers.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 11.

Supported OS:

Transfer My iTunes Library to Another Computer
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