Is there any way to transfer photos from Android Smartphone to Windows Phone?

transfer Android pictures to WinPhone

I am completely new to windows phone from my old moto phone. I’m very happy with my simfree L920 but a few problems.

I have so many photos and videos of my children on my old android which i would love to pull across and make use of the improved storage but don’t want to do it one by one via Bluetooth.
Any help would be great
Thanks Sutty

Chances are you have amazing files stored on your Android smartphone and want to transfer them to your new Windows phone device. But the Internet is down or you don’t want to eat up precious megabytes off your data pack. So what do you do to transfer these files?

There’s an easy way to get this job down. This solution is to find a computer and connect both of your phones to it. Then simply copy pictures, videos, and music files from your Windows phone to Android smartphone with a click.

Phone Switch is what you need in this Windows and Android photo transfer process. With it launched on your computer, you can transfer media files including photos, videos and music from WinPhone to Android, or from Android to Windows Phone, with just a simple click.

WinPhone Android Transfer

Android Windows Phone Switch

  • Transfer files between phones running iOS, Android, Windows and Symbian;
  • Extremely easy to transfer everything, including contacts, messages, calendar, photos, music, video, call logs, Apps;
  • Backup the data on your iOS, Android, WinPhone, or Nokia to computer for secured keeping;
  • Restore from backups by Kies, BlackBerry, iCloud, iTunes and OneDrive to your Android or iPhone/iPad/iPod;
  • Permanently erase existing and deleted data on your phone before selling it;

Transferring Photos, Videos, Music Between Android and Windows Phone

First of all, download the WinPhone Android Transfer program (choose Windows or Mac version as your needs) from the above link. Then install and launch it on your PC / Mac.

Step 1. Open WinPhone Android Transfer

When you have Phone Transfer phone transfer installed on your computer, double click the archive file to run it. The program will show you the main functions as below:

start WinPhone Android transfer

Step 2. Select Phone Switch and Connect your WinPhone and Android Smartphone

Click "Switch" to enter the phone to phone transfer window as below:

phone to phone transfer

After that, take out the USB cables and connect both of your Android smartphone and Windows Phone to your computer. Both will show up on the source and destination phone space and can be switched by clicking on the Flip button.

Step 3. Select content to copy

Check the box beside the file type to select the content you would like to transfer. For switching from Android to WinPhone, you can directly transfer photos, videos and audio files from Android smartphone to Windows phone.

connect Android and Windows phone

Step 4. Sync and Transfer Photos, Music, Videos from Android to Windows Phone

After that, you can just begin copying stuff by tapping "Start Transfer" button. Please do not disconnect either phone during the entire process.

Transfer Contacts, Photos, Music and Videos from Windows Phone to Android Phone

To copy files from Windows phone to Android smartphone, you can just switch the source and destination places of your Android and Windows phone by clicking the Flip button between the two phones. Then select the content you want to transfer and begin transferring files from your Windows phone to your Android device.

If you want to erase all the existing data on your Android device before get all WinPhone files in, check the "Clear data before copy" box.

transfer photo from WinPhone to Android

Phone Transfer empowers you the ability to directly transfer photos, videos and audio files from Windows Phone to Android with a click. To transfer contacts from Windows phone to Android device, you can firstly backup the contacts to your OneDrive, and then restore the backed up contacts to Android smartphone with Phone Transfer Restore function.

Transfer Photos, Music and Video Between Windows Phone and Android

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